Hi! I’m Lissa, and welcome to Lissa Loves…, my little place on the internet!

I’m a London based professional – but while I have a serious job, I’m not a serious person! I love to write, and take photos (of things usually rather than of myself!), and travel, and eat.

There will likely be a large proportion of posts about Japanese or Italian food. Oh, and probably too many about Disneyland.

I’ve named the blog Lissa Loves… for a reason – it’s a positive place for me to write about my experiences, my travels and my recommendations. I won’t be reviewing just for the sake of reviewing.

Random things I love: sushi, Japanese anything, Disney, novelty cocktails, novelty shaped food, gin, horror movies, heavy metal, pizza, black, Sailor Moon, French bulldogs, tattoos, fine dining, street food, festivals, afternoon tea…

For any questions, collaborations or just to say hello, please do get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

L x

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